You can begin by setting up your accounts by following the instructions below.

  1. Login in to your LIMITLESS account at http://My.GoLimitless.Co (not .com)  and LOGIN
  2. Enter your LIMITLESS username and password

III.                Click on “MyEWellness” under the MY MEMBERSHIP tab  (if you don’t see it, please refresh your screen)

  1. MyEWellness: On the MyEWellness page, click on the “login” button on the top right of the page. 
  • Next click the button for “first time user”, then choose “MemberID and Password”. 
  • For your user name you will input your EMAIL address used on your LIMITLESS account, for the password type “golimitless”, and click next. 
  • You will then type in your information to setup the account at MyEwellness and be able to access all the great health information including fitness test, general health tests, create workouts, read thousands of health articles and much more. Attached there is a flyer describing the service further.