We're always sorry to see our great members deciding to no longer save on Taxes, Travel, Healthcare, Shopping, and Entertainment.  As well as missing out on all of the other great things that in the works for our members.  However, we do know that sometimes do need to cancel their memberships.

Membership cancellations can be made by logging into your account at http://my.golimitless.co under the essentials tab.  

Click on my account and then go to subscriptions.

Please know that as memberships are month to month and not on a 30 day rolling basis, a proration of a members final bill may be necessary.  

Cancellation of membership is immediate upon request however billing is not terminated until the last day of the month in which request is issued.  

Also, for accounts less than 30 day old, account setup fees ($100) are NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances, as membership accounts do incur third party costs.  

Refunds are issued by mail within 7-10 days of cancellation confirmation as per terms of membership agreement.