Quick Start Guide


Included Inside the LimitlessTV™ box packaging you will find the Basic User Manual. This guide will assist you in the initial set-up. When you follow the instructions steps by step your LimitlessTV™ will be set-up CORRECTLY and you can start to enjoy the great programming accessed through the unit. Detailed support is available online at http://limitlesskb.helpdocs.com/limitlesstv


Plug in the power cord and connect it to you HDMI port on your TV. There is no power button on the unit itself (the blue light indicates the unit is on – red light is off) but you can turn the unit on and off with remote. It is recommended that you leave the power (blue light) on all the time.  Once turned on, the Home Screen will appear.

INITIAL SETTINGS (click on Green APP button on remote then press the Return button . Now click on Settings.)

  1. SET DISPLAY – Click on Display. Now arrow down to Display Position and press OK. Use the up/down arrows to correctly size the screen. You want to see a minimum border around the outside of the picture. The approximate correct setting is 85%. It is important to do this first or you won’t be able to see complete screen when connecting to the internet.
  2. SET UP NETWORK - You need to set up your internet connection. Click on NETWORK. Select Wifi or Ethernet (for a direct connect to your router by a cable) and add your username and password for your home internet to connect. More instructions in the User Manual. It is recommended that you have minimum of 10 mbps for the system to operate properly. You can stream on less but expect more buffering and a lesser quality picture.
  3. SET TIME ZONE – Go to /OTHER/MORE SETTINGS – Scroll down to Date & Time. Make sure your Unit is set for Automatic Time & Date then Scroll down to Select time zone, change your time zone.
  4. CLICK HOME Screen button


NAVIGATING LIMITLESSTV™ - From the Home Screen click the LimitlessTV™ icon

On the Menu Bar will be thirteen (13) headings – Movies, TV Shows, LiveTV, Sports, Kid’s Movies, Phoenix, Top Addons, Programs, System, Power, Favorites, Weather, Music. Each main menu has sub-menus to access various streams.

Let’s Find A Movie:

  1. Arrow over to MOVIE until it is highlighted
  2. Press the down arrow to get the sub-menu
  3. Arrow over to ExodusMovies (just one of the movie streams. We’ll use this for an example). And press OK.
  4. Allow time to update (first time using any stream will require time for loading). An expanded list of options is offered that allows you to decide how you want to use the library.
  5. Select Year and press OK. A list of years from 1966 – to the current year is displayed.
  6. Select 2015 and a list of movies will be displayed.
  7. Select a movie and WAIT for the Streaming Location Menu to display.
    1. There will be a number of links that will connect you to what you want to view.
    2. You will note the links will show different viewing qualities; i.e. 1080P (highest quality, be sure you have a good internet speed to avoid buffering); HD, HQ, MQ (Medium Quality), LQ (Low Quality), you would use this for a slower internet speed).
    3. All of them may or may not work!! You have many choices. If one does not work try another. Alert - It is not unusual for a link to not work on a certain day. Don’t panic, just pick another link. The box is device that locates and accesses streams. There are many out there.


Save To Favorite - You will have favorite movies and TV shows you want to view often so to put them in your favorites with the standard remote, simply click on the menu button. A screen will come up that will allow you to click on “Save To Favorite”. To save using the Mini Keyboard simply put the cursor on the Movie or TV show and press “c” on the remote. The same menu will come up.


 SPECIAL NEEDS: Setting up Closed Captions (Subtitle service) with LimitlessTV™.

  1. Go to System -> Settings -> Video -> Subtitles
  2. Click on Languages to download subtitles for, and select your preferred languages and click OK
  3. Scroll down on that dialog box, until you see Default Movie Service. Click on it, and an empty dialog will appear. On this dialog, click on Get More... in order to add subtitles services. You will see a subtitle add on list. We recommend OpenSubtitles.org click it, then click Install on the box that appears. You will see a notification once you have successfully enabled the service to add subtitles. Keep in mind you can add other services as well from the list, though the OpenSubtitles.org subtitles service is fairly complete and useful. You’re all set now.
  4. To use subtitles, navigate to a movie or tv show as normal. When the stream starts, click the Menu button on the remote. This will open a floating menu. It will allow you to add Kodi subtitles to the movie you are watching. Ratings are displayed beside the subtitles, so make sure you select one with a good enough rating, for the best experience.


Note: LimitlessTV™ comes with a manual remote. You will need 2 AAA batteries which are not included. You can find instructions for it in the User Manual on how to navigate this remote. We also have a Mini Keyboard which is sold separately. It does make navigating the box easier. There are instructions included with the keyboard if you choose to purchase it. A Wireless Mouse (just like you use with your computer) can be purchased at any computer store and will also work very well. The wireless mouse will allow you to click on an item, a left click will advance a screen, a right click will take you back a screen. The cursor can be managed very easily.