Limitless Living’s repair service fees depend on your product and coverage under warranty:

There’s no charge if the repair is for a defect covered under the LimitlessTV One Year Limited Warranty.  Out-of-warranty service, including repair service for accidental damage, may be available for your product as described below.

Out of Warranty Service*

Devices no longer covered by Limitless Living’s warranty can still be repaired. Our Certified technicians can diagnose the problem and provide an estimate including parts and labor.

Most work is done within an hour, but there are situations that take longer to complete. After the first billed hour we will bill in 30 minute increments.  There are odd occasions where purchasing a new unit will be recommended over fixing.  Should this be recommended, the customer will be given the option to purchase a new unit at a discounted price under our customer protection program.

Diagnostic work
  • Diagnostic: $20 *Diagnostic fee will be waived if you decide to proceed with the repair.
This simply means that we will examine your device and let you know what we think the problem may be including the cost to fix it. However, this estimate can be subject to modification as other parts may be involved that were unable to be evaluated initially. Should this occur you will be notified for a new authorization before any additional work is done.

Normal work
  • Standard Service: $25/hr.
Normal work means that once your unit is received for repair, we look at it in the order it was received. We will contact you if needed for new parts approvals, then correct the problems, test and release. If it is only a software problem then we assume you want it corrected and we do so, test it and release the unit. These are usually completed within the first hour.

* Out of Warranty Services applies when a unit is past warranty period, warranty has not been registered, or the unit has been damaged in a manner not covered under warranty.

**customer is billed for return shipping costs.