As you begin to use the LimitlessTV™ Unit you may have questions.  Our support team has provided you with answers for the most frequently asked questions we have received.  If your question is not answered below we suggest that you enter a support ticket at the link above.



  1. Why choose the LimitlessTV Streaming Media Box?
    In a nutshell, Quality and Price. All media players are not created equal. We offer the best technology and service at the best price! We offer a 1-year warranty on all of our media centers, and we have U.S. based customer service.

  2. Can my LimitlessTV work anywhere in the world?
    Yes, your box will work anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection and the correct power adapter. The add-ons will still be able to be used to their full potential anywhere you go

  3. Can I get local channels? 
    No! While you are able to live stream all of the major networks from your LimitlessTV™ Streaming Media Center, those channels are most likely not from your local area.  You cannot get local channels but all of the Major Network channels are available just not likely streaming from your local area.  We recommend that you get an antenna that is designed to pick up your local channels over the air.  An HD antenna will pull in all the locals. 

  4. Can I run more than one LimitlessTV™ on my internet system?  
    Yes! We recommend at least 10 Mbps per unit.

  5. Do I need a separate LimitlessTV™ for each TV? 
    Yes! However it is extremely portable and very easy to hook-up.

  6. Is streaming movies and TV shows illegal? 
    No! Current laws state that processing, downloading, distributing or profiting from copy written material is illegal. You are streaming for entertainment purposes only. You are not downloading it and are never in possession of it. You are only viewing it. No copy is being made of any content at any time.  Provided you use your LimitlessTV™ media player as intended, like your home computer, you have access to much media content via the Internet. Much of the content available does require it’s own license agreements. Our media center is a mini-super computer. It scrapes the internet and pulls any available media streams to your system.  But it does so much more.

  7. Can an internet provider prevent access? 
    No! According to the Open Internet Act, it is illegal to do so. Click this link to see a short video on this issue.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta0lPoUxcDs

  8. Can I watch premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax etc? 
    As long as an open stream is available on the internet you can access just about any content that is open for viewing.  In most cases, you can not only access the latest shows, but every episode from every season that was made available on these respective networks.

  9. What else can I do on LimitlessTV™?  
    Virtually anything you can do on any Android device.   You are able to download any of the over 800,000 Android Applications from the Google Play store. You can surf the web, check emails and play games (We recommend a USB gaming controller). 

  10. Does LimitlessTV™ update itself? 
    Yes! The box updates with minor versions on a constant basis.  For major version updates (rare) information is provided on the sets to take in case you would want to take advantage of them.

  11. What Internet speed do I need to use LimitlessTV?
    The Internet speed needed to view your content on the LimitlessTV™ Streaming Media Center will depend on the resolution of the video you are streaming. For SD 2Mbps Min – 5Mbps Recommend / HD Min 5Mbps – 10Mbps recommended

  12. How do I check the speed of my Internet connection?
    The speed and reliability of your Internet connection plays a huge role in your ability to enjoy your favorite content on your LimitlessTV™ Streaming Media Center. To check your Internet connection speed go to http://www.speedtest.net/
  13. Is any new content updated when it comes out? 
    Yes! Preloaded addons update their content offerings daily. You are able to watch the latest addons the same day they are added. 

  14. Is there technical and customer support? 
    We offer both technical and customer support via email using a dedicated ticket system that allows you to track the progress of your submission.

  15. Is there a warranty on LimitlessTV™?
    Yes! Every LimitlessTV™ is quality controlled tested. As long as your LimitlessTV™ is registered within 30 days, there is, a 12 month warranty on all operating components (physical damage and water damage is not covered in the warranty).

  16. What's the refund policy?
    There is a 100% 14 day "No Question" money back guarantee as long as the unit is returned in its original condition and the original packaging. There also is a 30 refund policy in which purchased merchandised may be returned provided it is in original packaging. This is subject to a 20% restocking fee.  A Return Merchandise Authorization is required for any return for any reason and can be obtained by contacting Customer Support using the ticket link above.

  17. Can I record video content to a DVR? 
    There is no need to as everything can be viewed on demand therefore there’s no reason to record or download any content. Doing so would would put you in violation of copyright law in some cases.

  18. Can a parental control program block content by rating? 
    Yes!  A master password can be set in order to block certain Genres of content.   

  19. What about extra monthly fees? 
    Limitless Living International does not provide any media content, therefore we do not charge any monthly fees/subscriptions. Some of the content providers do require their own license agreements and many of these do charge a subscription fee. But most like Pandora only require a license with no required monthly fees.There are NO extra monthly fees for any of the content and programs that come preloaded on LimitlessTV™.  Programs like Netflix and Hulu still require a monthly subscription but are not needed with LimitlessTV™ unless you want to use these services.  Apps for them are preloaded. 

  20. Can I watch live sports on LimitlessTV™? 
    In most cases live sporting events around the world are available to be viewed on LimitlessTV™.  All College sports events, NFL, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Nascar etc. Virtually any sport anywhere anytime, if it’s streaming you can watch it.

  21. Should I cancel my existing TV service provider?
    This is totally up to you as long as you have a good quality broadband internet connection. If you wish to access local channels, you may want to cut back to the very basic service. You can also purchase a HD antenna to access your local channels.  LimitlessTV™ gives you the ability to expand your entertainment options as well as seriously SAVE MONEY.